CGI Dog Finds a Path Out of the Doldrums of Quarantine Life Through Neighborhood Sounds on “Livin’ in Delay”

CGI Dog, photo courtesy the artist

CGI Dog puts us in a reflective state of mind from the beginning of his single “Livin’ in Delay.” The distorted synth progression and the syncopated percussion with shimmery cymbal fills give a hazy yet present framing to a song contemplating the world immediately around you. One imagines CGI Dog napping during a hot day while staying home during the 2020 pandemic and waking to his neighbor hammering three houses away. Who hasn’t found oneself being acutely aware of distant sounds in what might otherwise be a quiet neighborhood or apartment complex and those sounds triggering contemplation of life after too long inside your own head. Later in the song CGI Dog sings about the neighbor coughing and hoping he’s okay. It pulls him out of the prolonged doldrums many of us have experienced during quarantine. The title of the song is the perfect image for how life has been, living in delay and feeling suspended like everything is on hold yet there is a sustained stasis to it that can bring on feelings of melancholy which the melody of the song carried by CGI Dog’s vocals conveys perfectly. Listen to “Livin’ in Delay” on Spotify and connect with CGI Dog at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

Editor, primary content provider for this blog. Former contributor to Westword and The Onion.