SSTO’s Luminously Ambient Psychedelic Song “Launch” Prepares Us For the Cosmic Concept EP to Come

SSTO “Launch” cover

Dutch psychedelic band SSTO is planning to release a concept EP in 2021 that traces the journeys of a spaceship headed for the outer regions. Its debut single “Launch” has a title that needs no explanation as the beginning of that trek into the gulfs of space. But the video accompanying the single greatly enhances the experience of the song which captures the excitement, mystery, grandeur and tranquility of lifting off the earth and the myriad sights and sensations that you can’t quite have while earthbound. The processing on the guitars and keyboards in the beginning is almost like you’re hearing an old Boards of Canada track and in the video we see sights of a space shuttle being carried off on rocket boosters lending the song’s presentation a retro-futurist aspect with more chilled out guitar chords and percussion coming in to replace the luminously processed sound, reflecting the wider arcs of time and movement free of earth’s atmosphere while taking a moment to ponder the journey ahead and what mysteries that might unfold before you along the way. Watch the video for “Launch” on YouTube and connect with SSTO at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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