Some Kind Captures the Essence of Isolation and Despair and Hope For Catharsis on “OKAY”

Some Kind, photo courtesy the artists

Some Kind brings an uncommon emotional intensity to its expansive and deeply atmospheric single “OKAY.” The song is apparently about struggling with one’s personal demons and how that tangles up one’s relationships with others. How when you’re caught up in the darkest moments of you can see any attempt to console or soothe you as condescending gestures or at least tone deaf with suggestions that you’ve already long been through or know won’t work for you. Whether this is true or not that’s where you mind goes and cruelly prevents you from fully accepting the love and care you want and even need. The pulsing synth figure that runs through the song is both a purging of that amplified and distorted feeling and the embodiment of the way your mind functions in that mode and the peaks and valleys of feeling. Other parts of the song reflect a sense of isolation and desperate despair, particularly in the vocals in the line “I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know if I’ll get through it.” The sense of confusion and an inability to work your way through the knots of anxiety attendant with lingering trauma is palpable. And yet, the song offers a glimmer of hope and taking the time out to not have to deal with the kinds of emotional experiences and personal tests that prevent you from really ever healing and moving forward. That description sounds like it could be an angsty post-hardcore song and it has a similar resonance but musically it has more in common with the transmogrification of anguish into transcendent states heard in a Perfume Genius song more so than something equally cathartic that one might hear in a Planes Mistaken For Stars song. Listen to “OKAY” on Spotify and connect with Some Kind at the links provided.

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