SOHEILL Creates the Perfect Soundtrack For Romanticizing Your Authentic Life on “Start All Over”

SOHEILL, photo courtesy the artist

On “Start All Over” SOHEILL creates an especially evocative dynamic when his vocals come in warmly over an introspective ambient passage by uniting the abstract emotional atmospheres and a direct expression of a desire of not wanting to start at zero once life can feel like it’s back in forward momentum instead of its current stasis. In another year, another time it might have been a song for late summer nights taking stock of where you’re going and mid-song the momentum hangs to create a compositional space in which those assessments can take be mulled over and discussed with impressionistic sketches of thought. Then the guitar and percussion come full back in for an extended outro suggesting coming to terms with actually needing to start your life again. But this time from a place of authenticity despite how much you’ve built on what you thought you wanted and what you were rather than what is at the core of your being as you’ve experienced life and been changed by those experiences and have had time to revisit what you’ve learned instead of moving forward and moving on as we’re encouraged to in modern life. The song seems to be one of unburying yourself, of the things you’ve pursued in hopes of fixing something in you, making up for some inadequacy rather than cultivating a true sense of self because after all if you’re living someone else’s dream it’s always going to feel off and the hazy synths of the song feel like taking the time to dissolve the facade with patience and gentleness. Musically it’s reminiscent of the warm psychedelia of The War on Drugs and the nostalgic tones of one of those 80s alternative rock bands that got past the phase of their initial popularity and started writing songs about adult themes instead of being perpetually stuck in singing about adolescence, which also seems to be one of the underlying themes of the song as well, to live in the present in your own story instead of what you’ve romanticized. Listen to “Start All Over” on Soundcloud and connect with SOHEILL at the links below.

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