Alex the Astronaut Tells a Tale of Learning to Trust Your Abilities in Unfamiliar Situations on “Lost”

Alex the Astronaut, photo courtesy the artist

Australian singer and songwriter Alex the Astronaut (Alex Lynn) is set to release her debut album The Theory of Absolutely Nothing out on Nettwerk on August 21, 2020. And if the lead single “Lost” is any indication, there are plenty of emotionally vibrant stories to be heard on the record. Her pacing of the lyrics and the urgency of the vocals coupled with the orchestral arrangements really highlight a sense of uncertainty, excitement and vulnerability when you find yourself in unfamiliar territory and everything you assumed to be true about your situation fall by the wayside and you have to navigate in the moment. But instead of being overwhelmed by fear and anxiety you find a way to go with it and learn and find your way without established protocols and a proper way to go about things because oftentimes the most interesting place to find yourself in life is when there is no map and you have to trust yourself to help establish a path for yourself and others. Fans of 80s jangle rock and will appreciate the well-crafted tunefulness of the song and those of Kimya Dawson’s unvarnished, emotional openness will find something to savor in Lynn’s willingness to risk going off the rails while managing to not quite do so. Listen to “Lost” on Soundcloud and connect with Alex the Astronaut at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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