Deleteeglitch’s A Far Too Effective Ultimatum Asks Heavy Questions Without Burdening You With Stock Answers

Deleteeglitch and 98Tiki, photo courtesy the artists

Deleteeglitch and 98Tiki sound like they tapped into a lot of the spirit of the jaded and defeated vibe of Sly & The Family Stone’s There’s A Riot Goin’ On and channeled it into the single “A Most Troubling Roll Call.” But the musical language is a modern free association of sampled, warped jazz vibe and a lingering bass line that accents a keyboard arpeggio as Deleteeglitch raps with ironic, self-deprecating swagger that dissolves in echoes that distorted back like all the bad voices in your head that haunt you when you feel stuck in your darkest place not knowing what to do and in the end surrendering to sleep hoping that will provide the clarity that thinking things through and talking yourself down or talking yourself up won’t, what the chemicals and other distractions can’t make happen either. It’s this lens of autobiography that informs not just the song but the project’s excellent album A Far Too Effective Ultimatum (which came out on May 22). It’s an starkly honest portrait of trying to find yourself in an overstimulated and confused time in our culture. No answers offered but some open ended questions explored making it a more real approach to society’s current existential crisis beyond the pandemic by asking in a creative and unique way what do we want and why and is what we want good for us and what constitutes that anyway? Fans of early 2000s alternative hip-hop or artists in and around the Odd Future collective will find a lot to like here. Listen to “A Most Troubling Roll Call” on Spotify where you can also listen to the rest of A Far Too Effective Ultimatum and connect with Deleteeglitch at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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