Anhedral’s Flowing Ambient Piece “Coffee@sea” is Like a Sense Memory of Life Before The Plague and a Seed For a Future Life Lived in Full Definition

Anhedral, photo courtesy the artist

“Coffee@sea” has its roots in Anhedral’s submission to the Adam Audio Soundtrack Competition 2020. The challenge was to create a thirty second piece of music for Edward Hopper’s classic 1942 painting “Nighthawks.” Anhedral didn’t win and instead took the essence of the piece and extended it out to six minutes and eight seconds of flowing, abstract harmonics that sound distant but comforting. It was perhaps intended to reflect the way many of us have had to live during the 2020 global pandemic sometimes with the world we knew as a memory of a better time that beckons to us but to which we must be content to hold on to that memory until we can be reunited with life in full definition. Fans of The Sight Below and Seefeel’s more blissed out and hazy moments will appreciate Anhedral’s unobtrusive yet immersive soundscape. Listen to “Coffee@sea” on Spotify and connect with Anhedral at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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