Anna Lidman’s Chamber Pop Single “Animal” Employs Musical Prowess in Crafting Imaginative Songwriting

Anna Lidman, photo courtesy the artist

“Animal” from Anna Lidman’s 2020 EP POEM was written with composer Marc Tritschler and crafted with a vision to combine classical techniques and Lidman’s soulful and forceful melodies with arrangements for a chamber orchestra. The resulting song has a great deal of organic presence. The sheer physical presence of the song in your ear as the various textures rhythms and melodies interact with a dynamic flow. It sounds like something written and recorded spontaneously with a mind to capture that energy and the feel of a song you’re getting to hear live with the potential for some element to go off the rails for a moment but never really does. The unique percussion brings a playful flavor to the song and the short sweeps of harp and woodwinds lends the song an air of the mythical. Fans of CocoRosie and later Ani DiFranco will appreciate the musicianship and creative arrangements thereof in which musical chops serve the songcraft exceedingly well. Listen to “Animal” on Soundcould and follow Anna Lidman at the links below.


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