Mark McNamee Conjures the Allure of the Gulfs of Deep Space and First Contact on “Cosmic Dreams”

Mark McNamee, still from video for “Cosmic Dreams”

Mark McNamee takes us into the wonder of deep space and with “Cosmic Dreams.” The evolving melodic drones of the peace drift together, drawing us outward while inspiring a reflective mood. Impressionistic, almost percussive tones wink into and echo out of our focus of attention throughout like a new star system appearing to our vision amid a sea of stars making up the nimbus of illumination around us. Underneath it all a crackle of static gives a sense of grounding and connection with the familiar like we’re in a ship tracking down a long lost satellite that has started transmitting from a world information that suggests much but especially how its ancient instrumentation isn’t adequate to convey the totality of surroundings. The song sounds like the sense of anticipation of first contact except that in this case maybe that first contact is with the remnants of an alien civilization that will nevertheless expand our knowledge of the universe we share with untold numbers of diverse intelligent beings. Watch the visualizer for “Cosmic Dreams” on YouTube and connect with Mark McNamee at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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