The Grace and Quiet Wisdom of Wales Finds Expression in Shawn Kerr’s Ambient Piano Piece “Fluke”

Shawn Kerr “Fluke” cover (cropped)

Shawn Kerr was inspired for “Fluke” by the calm motion of a humpback whale as it swam by him when he was working along the Antarctic Peninsula. The drifting piano line resolves organically, swells, flows into minimal introspection and follows a naturally elegant and seemingly informal line of melody. In the background and drone of bright melodies resonates in the distance capturing the ineffable beauty of the moment. Kerr says the song is about opportunities in the larger sense as in one can be open to powerful moments and be struck by something outside your self-conditioned sense of the world and thus moved into a different state of awareness and thus consciousness without that experience having been planned or commodified and sold to you in some fashion. Whales remain mysterious to us because we know they’re intelligent and humpbacks certainly have a greater emotional capacity than humans. Kerr seems to suggest that being open to learning from a whale without needing to impose our limited understanding upon them might expand, to the extent possible, our understanding of ourselves in the broader context of the world. Certainly his composition takes us out of a life of linear logic for a few moments and leave us to wonder and experience a quiet awe at creatures motivated by impulses we may never fully understand and should, thus, respect. Listen to “Fluke” on Spotify and connect with Shawn Kerr at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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