The Lollygags Call For an Embrace of Our Collective Imperfections in Struggling For a Better Future on “Grand Consolation”

The Lollygags circa 2017, photo by Tom Murphy

Denver-based power pop band The Lollygags recently released a creative take on the lyric video for its song “Grand Consolation.” Lyrics appear in a series of animations that illustrate themes of struggling through life despite our imperfections and the revelations of how our past, including the actions of ancestors we’ve never met whose efforts have benefited our lives, threaten to hobble our progress and development as humans as we contemplate what to do about that legacy. Life is often challenging enough and we rarely get the tools to adequately handle everyday life but the only alternative is to give up. “Grand Consolation” suggests that accepting what in typical cultural parlance is considered failure and loss is part of growth and completely normal for everyone. The chorus “The war is lost, we pay the cost, every day/We trudge along, and win, battles along the way” highlights how maybe learning to know when you’ve been wrong or in the wrong and dealing with it some maturity while also realizing that you’re not always losing just because you perceive some loss. Perhaps the subtext of the song, too, is that maybe that dynamic of winners and losers, victors and vanquished, is outmoded and a block to a better world both personally, socially and politically. Fans of jangle-y end of Guided By Voices and Archers of Loaf will appreciate The Lollygags’ gift for raw melodies and thoughtful turns of phrase in general but especially so in this song. Watch the video for “Grand Consolation” on YouTube and connect with The Lollygags at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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