Telestation Alpha Articulates the Mysterious Draw of the Possibilities of Unknown Spaces on “Underwater Creatures”

Telestation Alpha “Underwater Creatures” cover (cropped)

Telestation Alpha brings you directly into alien environments on its track “Underwater Creatures.” The layers of analog synth establish a streaming, abstract melody in the distance with a slow pulse of distorted tone like a slow cycling pulsar, a lighthouse or a new kind of sonar that gives you nearby imagery with intermittent accuracy. But in this journey, nothing. Just empty vistas of underwater landscape. All the while you are drawn further into the deep, further into spaces that are largely dark to the naked eye but which the extension of sensory capabilities thanks to technology bring within reach of exploration. The song articulates the draw of the unknown and the possibility of discovery of worlds and unhitherto unknown geographies and, with any luck, civilizations hidden from us by time and space. Listen to “Underwater Creatures” on Spotify and connect with Danish ambient and drone project Telestation Alpha at the the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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