Pave the Jungle Seethes Against the Machine of Late Capitalism on “Cookie Cutter”

Pave the Jungle, photo courtesy the artists

On its latest single “Cookie Cutter” Pave the Jungle sounds like singer Rachael Whittle and the rest of the band woke up one day seething with rage at a world of bullshit jobs and a lifelong imposition of diminished expectations crafted by dullards who place efficiency over building a world we all want to live in. Its explosively ramshackle dynamic is the sonic equivalent of wrecking the well oiled machinery of our mechanized existence under late capitalism. If you’ve had a job in the last forty years or so you’ve been pushed into that increasing tendency toward monetizing every second of every day on the job where no matter what you do there’s always more expected and every ounce of your energy is squeezed out of you and if you’re not in line with constantly improving yourself in the context of that job culture you’re out. But it didn’t stop there. That demented mentality has sprawled into our lives outside of work to make for a deeply psychologically damaged world where it’s easy to feel like you’re not allowed to be a human with your idiosyncrasies valued and with time to cultivate thoughts, feelings and activities that aren’t driven to fit into some program or marketing initiative and plugged into some system to make someone money against your will doing what you’ve been convinced is what you wanted to do all along and all but hypnotized into giving up too much of yourself with your time, your resources (emotional and physical) and your identity in myriad ways including providing content to social media sites that feed into the marketing like some technocratic Ouroboros. By writing a song so eruptive yet not easily fitting into a neatly, easily marketable genre beyond maybe calling it noise rock with punk’s brashness, Pave the Jungle tries its level best to buck even its own conventions as a band. When Whittle sings “Stop the assembly line I want to get off, this place is far too clinical for me” she seems to joyfully express that very healthy and age old impulse to not fit in with societal and economic machinations that don’t serve and honor our natural interests, impulses, instincts and curiosities much less provide a sustainable life and civilization in which we all flourish in harmony with the world of which we are a part and not the center. Fans of the emotional and socio-political catharsis of Mannequin Pussy, Bethlehem Steel and Downtown Boys will appreciate Pave the Jungle’s murky fervor. Listen to “Cookie Cutter” on Spotify and connect with Pave the Jungle at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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