Moudy Afifi Invokes Ancient and Modern Rhythms on His Techno Track “Sahara”

Moudy Afifi “Sahara” cover

Egyptian artist Moudy Afifi gives us some flavor of his homeland on the techno track “Sahara” (out on Disclosed Records). The shuffling percussion and steady beat puts you in the state of mind of passing over a desert landscape and dunes in a jeep with wind flowing through your hair. The melodic bass line follows a traditional, pan-Arabic scale complemented by string synths that bring to the song a sense of exotic mystery. Almost as though the song evokes the journey of Alexander the Great to the Siwa Oasis to consult with the oracle of Ammon following a flock of birds. “Sahara” invokes both the ancient and traditional and modern techno dance music in a nearly hypnotic rhythm that may get you moving in ways that feel right if not consciously familiar. Listen to “Sahara” on Spotify and connect with Afifi at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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