Aeneas Synthesizes Industrial Rock and Experimental Darkwave Dance Music on “Existential Crisis”

Aeneas, “Existential Crisis” cover, image courtesy the artist

Aeneas’ “Existential Crisis” creeps up on you like the experience of the title often does. A background drone blossoms into a melodramatic soundscape punctuated by moments of emotional oasis from an intense wave of peak feeling. The processed, warped vocal sample comes in like a reminder of your failings while the processed vocals, like your conscious mind, tries to maintain some semblance of your humanity while drums pound out a dynamic rhythm and a simple guitar rhythm traces the through line that is your life line through the trauma as a glimmer of the familiar and steady. Fans of Poppy and Vowws will appreciate the genre bending and synthesis of industrial rock and experimental darkwave dance music. Listen to “Existential Crisis” on YouTube and connect with Aeneas at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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