Air Quotes Makes the Inevitable Choice of Leaving a Toxic Relationship Seem Easier With the Cool Jazz Pop Tones of “On and On and On”

Air Quotes, image courtesy the artists

The title of “On and On and On” by Air Quotes alone, like an Ezra Pound line, suggests a bit of weariness with unproductive repetition. That lyric in the song echoes slightly like a reaction in your mind to the same old stuff that you’ve been tolerating for far too long, caught in a loop of action, reaction, emotional stifling and adapting the way too many of us do in a toxic relationship, making it all a routine thinking we’re getting through a bad patch not initially thinking it’s all been a bad patch. The vibraphone, marimba and flute gives it a jazz lounge quality and along with the vocal tones the song is reminiscent of something Everything But the Girl might have put out. That sort of downtempo pop cool that you don’t hear much of these days but which is always an interesting vehicle for communicating challenging subject matter in a palatable way and one that makes doing what you should be doing an easier choice and option in your mind. Listen to “On and On and On” on Spotify and follow Air Quotes at the links provided.


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