Trav B. Ryan Deconstructs Received Identity and Yearns for Discovering One More Authentic on “No Home”

Trav B. Ryan, photo courtesy the artist

Trav B. Ryan was inspired by The Mandalorian in writing “No Home.” The song is about abandoning your belief systems in order discover your true self. There is a bit of trap production in the vocals with some light auto tune but it is couched in a sonically rich beat that combines a textural shuffle in the percussion and a descending, echoing drum line with a melancholic piano melody. It conveys a sense of taking a deep assessment of your life as though you can step outside yourself and your usual contexts and can see your life with a new perspective. The lyrics articulate a desire for independence from what you used to know and how that defines you. Its metaphors of self as weapon and reloading to put yourself in the same realm of life that limits you in ways that have never suited you. The lyric “If I fall from grace burn this place to the floor, tell them I died in war, don’t tell them I went soft” points to not wanting to have a place to return to in order to for yourself to reinvent yourself on your own terms. The chorus “I am all I own” is an acknowledgment of needing to start from the ground up in creating an authentic life of one’s own by not taking back on an imposed identity. There is something that is the opposite of bravado to the song and the way it constructs peeling back the layers and knowing that vulnerability and the embrace of doubt and not automatically knowing where everything fits together immediately so that you can come to know yourself and then other people in ways that are more genuine and so that your sense of home is within and where you would like it to be and not purely determined by what others have told you. Listen to “No Home” on Soundcloud and connect with Trav B. Ryan at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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