B1GJuice’s IDM-Inflected “CHAPTER3.humility” Concisely Expresses Coming to Terms With Your Limitations While Remembering to Keep Dreaming

B1GJuice, photo courtesy the artist

The luminous, nearly impressionistic keyboard line in B1GJuice’s “CHAPTER3.humility” and the syncopation of its electronic beat is reminiscent of something out of late 90s Boards of Canada. Like an assemblage of samples layered in collage to give a sense of a deep and tranquil mood. Though the track is short, B1GJuice packs in some interesting poetry to pair with the melancholic yet soothing beat. He speaks of “bumping UGK” and references some aspirational daydreaming with saying he was told he was going to “make a play like Jordan in his day.” But what perhaps distinguishes the song from what might seem obvious is that it lacks in bravado. The warping vocals and references to using medical cannabis to stay sane puts into perspective the dreams as things that Tyreek Phillips (aka B1GJuice) might have had within his grasp before being diagnosed with an incurable heart disease in 2013 as a former NCAA Football Player at Furman University and the expectations attendant with that. This song doesn’t exactly capture reconciling a new reality with the possibilities you saw for yourself. But it does channel that pain into something that allows you to find an outlet for your feelings and the way limitations often force you to be more creative than you thought you could be despite obvious challenges. The title of the song is the key to interpreting where the words are coming from and perhaps how tragedy humbles even the strongest of us and though it would be preferable to not be humbled in such a way, gaining the level of self-awareness thrust upon you deepens your appreciation of things and perchance a greater empathy for those who struggle in other ways too. Since B1GJuice melded IDM and hip-hop style production so well here on a song fans of cLOUDDEAD and Anticon artists might appreciate it’ll be interesting to see where his songwriting and soundscaping go next. Listen to “CHAPTER3.humility” on Spotify.


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