Ion Stream’s “New Rhea” is Melodiously Ambient Soundtrack to the Exploration of Star Systems Beyond Those We Already Know

Ion Stream Outer Worlds cover (cropped)

“New Rhea” by Ion Stream is flowing with twinkling, arcing melodic tones like the analog of a journey into star dense space. Rhea was the mother of the gods in Greek mythology after which the second largest moon of Saturn was named after being discovered by Giovanni Cassini in 1672. The title is perhaps not a reference to but suggests the exploration of another solar system populated by planets in homage to children of Rhea after which the planets of our own were largely named. The track opens with sweeping drones like solar wind and a melody reminiscent of the main theme to Profondo Russo by Goblin. But that melody expands into a spacious plain of sound. A dual melody carried both by strings and bright and ethereal synth tones trace the journey with impressionistic pulses of sound in drifty arpeggios while the aforementioned white noise of solar breezes washing through intermittently to give accent to the impression of movement and wonder into new vistas of human exploration and knowledge. Fans of the Hearts of Space program will find much to like here. Listen to “New Rhea” on Spotify and follow Ion Stream at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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