Anna Belle’s “Tokyo” is a Lush Piano Pop Song is a Meditation on Inspiring Yourself Out of Your Current Malaise

Anna Belle “Tokyo” cover (cropped)

Anna Belle is based in Nashville but her song “Tokyo” is about how she hasn’t felt like she fits in or is accepted by the local music world. The lonely, introspective piano line compliments well her fantasizing about Tokyo perhaps being a place where she would find a place. The lush production of the song imbues the song with a dreamlike quality that rims one’s fantasies that distract one from one’s place in life at the moment that dwelling on about might bring you down and make doing what’s important more challenging. There’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy to get you through a period of self doubt or other struggles and anyone that’s been a musician in any local scene or in the underground knows what it feels like to not be appreciated or understood. What makes the song especially poignant and interesting is that isn’t written to sound what Tokyo might be like and it doesn’t come off quite like someone who thinks moving to a place so culturally exotic will fix all her issues with feeling like a musical misfit. It’s the idea of that being a potential option and imagining what it might be like to be in a place like Tokyo. The reality of Tokyo, though, is that it is not a city of the future no matter what you’ve seen on TV. It moves at a fast pace but has rustic parts of the city as well. There are distinct districts and it is connected to a massively sprawling metropolitan area where an American would be shocked by how un-futuristic it is while also seeing phenomena that doesn’t often happen in America like a Denny’s being on the third floor of a tall building, quality and even healthy food at a convenience store, masses of people dressed like they’re going to an office job and then the occasional person dressed like they’re from a live action animated movie headed to Harajuku. But it all seems surrealistically mundane, just as can be seen in the movie Lost in Translation. Anna Belle apparently hasn’t been to Tokyo but in a roundabout way has intuited that Tokyo while an amazing place to visit is not indeed the land of her dream fulfillment. But, instead, it’s a place that can guide her out of a period of malaise and inspire a song that can perhaps guide you out of one of your own. Listen to “Tokyo” on Spotify and connect with Anna Belle at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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