Linebug’s Video for “White Nights” Displays a Journey Out of the Stasis of Personal Darkness Into the Brightness of Living

Linebug, image courtesy the artists

With 2,200 hand-drawn frames, created by digital artist Christian Gundtoft, the video for Linebug’s “White Nights” captures the sense of utter emotional isolation in the depths of depression. The pulsing omnichord and piano progression counts out the meditative passage of time in which you feel trapped in your own head, helpless. The figure cast in white in bed surrounded by black is so evocative of being in the seemingly perpetual grey zone of emotional stasis. But Line Bøgh’s breathy vocals serve as a sort of guiding light out of that realm singing about how Spring and its greater sunlight chases away some of the gloom of seasonal depression and augments the will to pull oneself out of one’s prolonged downstate generally. The video mirrors the heightened mood of the song when the subject of of the video dons the read dress and exits the dark room into a field of light. Rather than being trapped by the dark, the possibility of stepping into a world of movement and freedom seems possible with some patience and holding on to what faith that things can be different that may still linger deep within during those prolonged periods of psychic funk. Watch the video for “White Nights” on YouTube and follow Linebug at the links below. Recently Linebug toured using the video art as a projection for the concert so if you have a chance to catch the Danish artist live, you may get to witness the full multimedia presentation.

Author: simianthinker

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