yuh Evokes a Misty-Eyed and Hopeful Morning After on “Without a Trace”

yuh, “Without a Trace” cover (cropped)

Intertwining, bright, distorted synth swells and impressionistic guitar ring in “Without a Trace” by yuh. When the vocals come in they sit in the mix like another instrument, processed to phase slightly contemplating the morning after. But rather than having all that central a role in the song the words muse wistfully about what happened as trickles of the new day, and new possibilities, come in and sweep away any attempt at imposing greater than warranted significance or misplaced regrets, rather, focusing on impressions and what made life feel a little more magical for some fleeting moments. The splash of synth, the repeating guitar figure and twinkling percussive sounds like ethereal windchimes take us out of that reverie and into emotional daylight. Listen to “Without a Trace” on Soundcloud and follow yuh there as well (linked below).


Author: simianthinker

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