Noukko Ponders the Deeper Meaning and Intersection of Life and Creative Expression on “The Soup”

Noukko “The Soup” cover (cropped)

From the video for “The Soup” one might get the impression that Noukko does everything on the song including the video. And she nearly did excepting Ronald Kool shooting the video and Michel van Schie mastering the track. You see Noukko play all the instruments, sing and act. It reflects the creative integration of a song pondering the nature of existence while juggling the demands of life and our personal drives and curiosity about how it all fits together and if what we’re doing has any significance and importance beyond our immediate social and cultural context. The overarching theme of the song informs the songwriting and the sonic details as the percussion is more expressive than conventional, the distorted guitar lead wouldn’t be out of place in some 90s alternative rock song but here waxes contemplative, the cadence and lilt of the vocals suggest some Kate Bush influence without being imitative merely tapping into some of the existential queries that Bush delved into as well, the minimal keyboard and piano work places an upward melodic structure that gives the song an elevated quality. Yet all these idiosyncratic elements give what might otherwise be simply a solid pop song a more creatively ambitious cast without hitting you over the head with its weightiness. Watch the video for “The Soup” on YouTube and follow Noukko and Ronald Kool at the links below.

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