Mingo’s “Morphogenetic Field” is a Sonic Approximation of a Journey Through a Space Fold

Mingo Myristica cover

There is a sense of floating through a long, gray, luminous tunnel toward an unknown destination in Mingo’s “Morphogenetic Field.” When the percussion comes in it sounds as though it has traveled through water some distance like an echo. The harmonic tones running through the piece drift and fade like rosettes of light through which you pass on the journey. Toward the end of the song these tones unite for a long fade out with the low end becoming more prominent. One imagines experience a slowed down process of being transformed from matter into energy and beamed across space or to parallel dimension and feeling the gradual transfer and remanifestation into physical existence at the end. Or the sensation of traveling through a space fold with one of the Spacing Guild Navigators from the Dune universe and the surreal actuality of bearing witness to such an event firsthand. It gives one pause to consider the many ways we experience technology and how it must seem, echoing Isaac Asimov, like indistinguishable from magic for most of our actual knowledge of its workings. Listen to “Morphogenetic Field” on Spotify and follow ambient/experimental electronic artist Mingo at the links below.


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