The Qualia Feels and Channels the Pain of the Flux in Your Everyday Life on “Like Bricks”

The Qualia, photo courtesy the artists

At the beginning of The Qualia’s song “Like Bricks,” the staccato guitar line accented by bass with percussion counterpoint is like the introduction of a stream of consciousness timeline. But the story about how life throws unexpected events in your path, often in your face, hitting just as the title suggests. The dynamic unfolding of the song allows all the instruments and the vocals to shine together even though they seem to be going in different directions that somehow still compliment each other. It gives a sense of paradoxically focused disorientation. Maybe because even in the face of multiple challenges in your life you have to at least pretend to be keeping it together while you figure out your bearings to get through. Musically it’s reminiscent of an unusual mixture of Joe Jackson, Supertramp and The Dismemberment Plan as it has that tinge of soul that informs the music of all of those artists. That and a sense of something mysterious on the horizon threatening to crash into your life. “Like Bricks” takes you through some turns but in the end it’s comforting in the way that something or someone can be when you’re hearing your own struggles echoed in someone else’s words and music. Listen to “Like Bricks” on Bandcamp and follow The Qualia at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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