Bliss Carmxn’s “Powder” is a Playful Fusion of Calypso and Pop About the Process of Becoming and Accepting Life’s Ambiguities

Bliss Carmxn, photo courtesy the artist

“Step by step and day by day I’m removing the powder,” the chorus of Bliss Carmxn’s “Powder” is about the way we use and put on various things to cope and adjust to a world that’s ever changing and leaves us seemingly always off balance but how when we recognize these habits of mind and living we have some chance of finding our equilibrium even if it’s a lifelong endeavor. It might be seen as another way of saying the path is the destination and that that consciousness of it all is where we will find our balance. The song itself embodies this in its fusion of Calypso beats and percussion with pop structure and melodies giving a balance of tonal and rhythmic elements that gives the song a way to be fresh in each iteration of the chorus. The playfulness with which it’s performed also suggests a comfort with the ambiguity that is unavoidable in life and thus a cultivated ability to roll with what comes your way. Listen to “Powder” on Spotify and follow experimental pop artist Bliss Carmxn at the links provided.


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