ZLEEP’s Pastoral “Endless Blues” is a Melancholic Ode to the Pain of a Love That Should Never Be

ZLEEP, photo courtesy the artists

The impressionistic, pastoral “Endless Blues” by ZLEEP, crafted from a spare, piano tones, a gentle guitar figure and harmonized male and female vocals, is a resonant and poignant portrait of a broken yet conflicted heart. Though seemingly minimalistic, the song conveys an emotional complexity that is beyond even the sum of its parts. In the song we come to understand the narrator deeply misses the object of their love because that person made them happy with a deep romantic attraction even though that loved one also had the ability to make them sad like no one else. There is a sense of being lost to that song particularly the line about dreaming in “endless blue” of being lost in love, lost in the romance of it all and lost without it. That said there is a feeling of resignation that runs through “Endless Blues” from the beginning to the end as difficult as it is to accept and that is the loss of that love is in the end for the best despite the heartache and despite the feelings of strong connection because on some level you know that holding so tightly onto a relationship that brings such pain is foolish and self-destructive. The tape hiss as white noise in the background gives the song the quality of an old record, the kind maybe you take out to listen to remind you of an earlier part of your life and which haunts you when you do. Listen to “Endless Blues” on Soundcloud.

Author: simianthinker

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