JIGI’s Melancholic Yet Hopeful “Welcome” is an Anthem to the Yearning in Your Heart for the Presence of Loved Ones

JIGI, photo courtesy the artist

JIGI’s single “Welcome” from the 2020 album I’M OK sounds like it could be a love song but was written for the singer’s cousin who he misses dearly and who moved to Mexico to do art. The broadly dynamic song has some interesting breaks that have a cinematic quality like switching scenes in jump cut style but coming back to the main story line quickly. Processed piano and vocals get the song started on a melancholic tone until the chorus starts with “You’re always welcome, I miss you, come back home” and the kick drums resound to accent the vocal line. Guitar and the full drum kit start up and lend the track a full, lush sound while also elevating the tone from melancholic to hopeful. Maybe aforementioned cousin left because circumstances at home were not nurturing of hisdreams of working on creative pursuits but JIGI sounds like he both wants what’s best for his cousin and wishing they could be living closer together and hang out regularly like close friends do. Listen to “Welcome” on YouTube and follow JIGI at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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