Tymoxx’s “Train” is a Melancholic Yet Effervescent Song About Leaving Behind a Life of Judgments and Limitations

Tymoxx, photo courtesy the artist

Tymoxx’s effervescent single “Train” starts off with a crystalline, synth tone figure like a blowing swirl of sparkling snow on a sunny winter day. And from there Kahiti’s vocals pair well with a finely accented, distorted electronic bass line as both wind through layers of melody like a slow ride on the titular vehicle toward a fateful destination, departing from a life of needing to keep a love secret from people in the lives of the subject of the story and the person being addressed. But not only the freedom of being out in the open free from judgment but of a social setting that limits one’s horizons for personal development with the temptation of falling back in line of expected roles to fulfill that no longer suit you. The melancholic yet expansive final third of the song is the sound of having already left on that train to a better life with your insecurities and worries dissolving into the rearview. Listen to “Train” on Soundcloud and follow Tymoxx at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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