The Cosmic Drones of “Blueprint” by PRO424 Soothes Your Mind Into a Deeply Contemplative Mood

PRO424, photo courtesy the artist

Assembled from field recordings and a , according to the artist, “digital, mostly algorithmic synth patch,” PRO424’s “Blueprint” sounds like what it might be like to sit out on a clear, summer night in mid-spring or fall when there is a bit of a chill so you have a campfire going that casts the vast field of stars in only the slightest of orange hazes. But you’ve hiked to the middle of nowhere away from the ambient orange of a nearby metropolis and you can hear the gentle breeze blowing through the grass and trees, carrying motes into the sky while you lay back and take in the firmaments of the heavens, noting the occasional satellite and aircraft while considering this experience is one someone might have had ten thousand years ago before the discovery of steel and wondered, even then, at the underlying patterns of the movements of stars and the moon and its connection to the design that guides the landscape and life of your own world. In the present tense, you imagine the master blueprint for the universe that one might glean from the smallest part of it the way the Buddha said one could extrapolate all of existence from a single blade of grass. The song in layering organic and digital sounds in a way that sounds like a product of nature brings out these sorts of cosmic notions as you take it in and the sounds flow through you. Listen to “Blueprint” on Spotify and follow PRO424 on Soundcloud linked below.

Author: simianthinker

Editor, primary content provider for this blog. Former contributor to Westword and The Onion.