“Surfacing” by SCERE is the Sound of Swimming Your Way Through Life’s Murk to Better Places in the Psyche

SCERE self-titled EP cover (cropped)

SCERE’s debut, self-titled EP is reminiscent of 90s downtempo with a more industrial approach to the beatmaking. This is exemplified no better than on the single “Surfacing,” on which the serpentine structure of the rhythm gives one the impression of singer Coral wandering in a dimly lit room (as evidenced by the music video) unwinding and unpacking her struggles to herself and yearning for someone, maybe herself, to take her home whether literally or a place where she can feel grounded again and gain the strength to emerge from a kind of stasis or psychic funk. The streaming, hazy melodies and the layered beats accenting the emotional colorings of the vocals have a similarly sensual quality heard in “#1 Crush” by Garbage. The dynamic range of dense atmospheres and spacious, melancholic tonal spaces is wide but subtle making it a compelling journey of a song and EP overall. Producer Ged Denton is also a member of Der Prosecutor and C-TEC (which includes members of Front 242, Cubanate and Nitzer Ebb) and brings some of that expertise to this project in method but creating a decidedly different sound. Watch the video for “Surfacing” on YouTube and follow SCERE at the links below.


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