Moon Beach Evokes That Moment When One’s Tentative Feelings Break Through to Emotional Clarity On “Don’t Drive Away”

Moon Beach, photo courtesy the artists

Moon Beach quickly establishes an elegant and subtly evocative dynamic on its single “Don’t Drive Away” between the introspective vocals, a simple yet elegant keyboard figure and spare, ethereal guitar work. The singer seems to implore her love to not leave the scene despite some setbacks and difficulties and her inability to fully articulate her feelings in a way that will make everything alright. It’s almost a resigned yearning but toward the last third of the song one that is imbued with some hope and being able to reach the the feeling that made her remember what made the emotional connection so strong and real and finally able to say the simple phrase that is the title of the song as an opening to more. Between the vocals and the rhythm the song is reminiscent of late 80s Suzanne Vega and early offerings by The Sundays and that compellingly wistful style of dream pop. Listen to “Don’t Drive Away” on Soundcloud.

Author: simianthinker

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