Kapeesh Invites All The Too Cool For School Wallflowers to Join in the Fun at the Show on “Lampshade”

Kapeesh, photo courtesy the artist

When “Lampshade” by Kapeesh starts off it sounds like something heard through a wall on AM radio. But when it attains full fidelity the onslaught of ideas and cultural references hits like something out of late 90s Big Beat collided with irreverent alternative hip-hop and the Butthole Surfers. It really is a fascinating genre-bending song that draws on a broad spectrum of sounds and ideas in a way that establishes a unique aesthetic. The song is aimed at the people that stand near the stage at the show that are above dancing and the confusion at the proclivity of some people to not be swept away by the music or at least participate. Many of them are just trying to take in the experience but those that stand there unimpressed at all, who show no appreciation can throw performers off their game and frustrate people who want to be there and show their own enthusiasm without hitting that emotional brick wall. But the song is more than that and it’s a kind of goading of these people to join in on the fun. Listen to “Lampshade” on YouTube and follow Kapeesh on the Instagram account (linked below).


Author: simianthinker

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