Tomas Raae & The Malibu Beach Band Encourages Us to Follow Our Inner Light and Curiosity Toward Paths of Our Lives’ Fulfillment on “Flashlight Beam”

Tomas Raae, photo courtesy the artist

With a name like Tomas Raae & The Malibu Beach Band you might expect something like a surf garage project. But with the ambient version of “Flashlight Beam” it’s more like something Nico might have done had she lived long enough to collaborate with Jenny Hval or Joanna Newsom. Alice Carreri’s luminously ethereal vocals float through a tranquil soundscape directed by spidery guitar work and textural percussion. Distorted synth washes flash through the track like the object in the title, sweeping away the darkness for a moment as if to emphasize the idea in the song suggesting how we all need to figure out where we want to go and the path we can discover for ourselves if we’re willing to go beyond what we assume is possible based on the limited horizons of our upbringing and culture. The vocals drift toward those that alluring and mysterious territory just outside the reach of where our personal flashlight beam can illuminate and make clear to us unless we take those steps into the unknown trusting our ability to navigate the new if we don’t let the unknown be a source of fear and allow it to be a beacon for curiosity. Listen to “Flashlight Beam” on Spotify and follow songwriter and composer Tomas Raae at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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