Louis Metric’s “Aloe Vera” is a Clever Dig at the Nihilistic Rat Race of the Modern 9-5

Louis Metric “Aloe Vera” cover (cropped)

The story of Louis Metric’s “Aloe Vera” is probably one familiar to most people. Working for around ten dollars an hour at a dead end retail, restaurant or desk job, the kind that rewards talent equally and for hard work and excellence offered more work, uninspiring benefits at best and no advancement because only so many people can be promoted to middle management. Anyone that’s been there will tell you it’s one of the worst jobs in any company. So strive and make yourself valuable for what? Louis knows what’s up with that grind summed up nicely with the line, “Wearing a tag with my name don’t really bring me joy.” So he plots to get connected with a cougar with money to get more than a taste of the good life. The whimsical keyboard work in the beat signals the absurdity and surreal quality of the whole situation for everyone involved even as the lyrics describe a better life than selling one’s life on the cheap in the world under late capitalism. The song is reminiscent of early Anticon specifically Why?, with its energetic delivery and deft wordplay. The song is called “Aloe Vera” as in a treatment for burns? Burned by being offered low expectations as the be all end all of your life if you’re not already rich. Metric suggests we all have to do what we have to do until the world is better for everyone. Listen to “Aloe Vera” on Soundcloud and follow Metric at his website.


Author: simianthinker

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