“Tired Love” is Rowe’s Soulful Ballad About Finally Letting One’s Outworn Past Attachments Fade From Your Psyche

Rowe, photo courtesy the artist

The production on the Rowe song “Tired Love” begins with a slightly distant tonality like a sepia toned filter over a view into a music box or a snow globe containing all the bittersweet memories of one’s past. Becky Filip’s soulful vocal delivery too begins wistful but along with the song the vocal tone changes around the one minute thirty second mark into something more vivid and full as though shedding the past and coming to terms with how it impacts her now and revisiting those memories again before moving on. The textural beats and fuzzy synths is the sound of those past attachments dissolving. And as if to state that she’s already in the next phase of her life personally and creatively the chorus of “Now all I see is how I’m better off without you” leaves no question. The somber tone of the song suggests a weariness of going over the memories again and processing what it all meant but now being at the point of being tired enough to let those feelings go. Listen to “Tired Love” on Soundcloud and follow Rowe at the links provided.


Author: simianthinker

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