“Black Truck” by Q-bizm has the Swagger and Cool of a Song Opening a Guy Ritchie Film

Q-bizm, photo courtesy the artists

Q-bizm’s “Black Truck” sounds like something that should launch the opening scene of a Guy Ritchie movie. It sounds like some hybrid of futuristic funk and Madchester cool. The song established a momentum and groove with a heady mood. The fluid bass line ripples up and down the scale as guitar accents stretched at times by wah and free-jazz style sax takes the song into outer space. One can imagine some plot afoot carried about by charming scoundrels who are confident in the efficacy of their plans looking like they consulted with style coaches before meeting up to discuss the details. This music is the montage to their individual days leading up to that momentous occasion. Listen to “Black Truck” on Soundcloud and follow Q-bizm at the links provided.


Author: simianthinker

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