Dragondeer Invokes the Lighthearted Spirit of Rural Dance Parties on “Max Patch”

Dragondeer, photo by Scott McCormick

Dragondeer’s “Max Patch” deftly weaves together blues and funk with nicely crafted changes throughout. Eric Halborg’s voice has always been expressive but on this track its like he’s mastered the art of hitting the perfect emotional coloring and a broad dynamic range. Which jibes well with a song that not only has a nice groove with masterful syncopation but which showcases the talents of all the band’s players with a broad diversity of sounds and textures without overwriting. There is a spontaneous and fresh quality to the song that could be given to going over the top but Dragondeer lets the musical spool out just enough to indulge a tasteful bit of psychedelically-tinged improvisation and musical experimentation. Does the song reference that mountain in North Carolina? It certainly references good times to be had in the hinterland and dancing at the hoedown. Listen to “Max Patch” on YouTube and follow Dragondeer at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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