Mokhov’s “Dream Spectrum” Will Brighten Your Spirits With Its Gentle Energy

Mokhov Sun Bloom cover (cropped)

“Dream Spectrum” is an apt name for this song by Mokhov. The mix of melodic drones, processed white noise like an Autumn breeze through branches that have not yet lost their leaves, the bright, drawn out synth melody and upbeat percussion sounds like what you’d want to hear in a dream in that upper register of that phenomenon where nothing terrible happens, just peaceful wandering and a sense of utter tranquility and health. It sounds like the kind of reprieve from heaviness and pressure that hits you in waking life every day and it carries you along rather than demand you follow the music. Reminiscent of some of M83’s instrumental tracks and their seeming ability to tap into the pleasure centers of your brain, “Dream Spectrum” runs at over seven minutes but feels like less than half that time because of how light it sits on your psyche and not in a superficial way but in the way its combined sonic forces work their way into your brain and brighten your spirits with its gentle energy. Listen to “Dream Spectrum” on Soundcloud and follow Mokhov at the links below where you can also listen to the rest of the project’s new album Sun Bloom.

Author: simianthinker

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