Moony Matelot’s “In Lieu of Flowers” is like a Lo-Fi, 8-Bit Switched On Style Bach Fugue

Moony Matelot, image courtesy the artist

When Wendy Carlos released Switched On Bach in 1968 it was a landmark of electronic music using then very new synthesizer technology to perform classical music. Moony Matelot’s “In Lieu Of Flowers” is in a similar spirit but adding a drum machine and keeping the melody even simpler. The effect is not unlike some of the late 70s “library music” that would have inspired Boards of Canada and Black Moth Super Rainbow. It has that alien and out of time quality with a sound and an aesthetic that doesn’t suggest a specific musical movement but suggests a kind of hazy quality, of visuals, of memory, like something Errol Morris might use in a whimsical moment in one of his later films. It has the structural and tonal architecture reminiscent of one of Bach’s fugues but more lo-fi and informed by the aesthetics of 8-bit composition. Listen to “In Lieu Of Flowers” on Soundcloud.

Author: simianthinker

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