Hannah Connolly’s Beautifully Fragile and Spare “House/Home” Evokes a Deepfelt Sense of Loss of Both

Hannah Connolly, “House/Home” cover (cropped)

Hannah Connolly’s fragile and spare songwriting and performance on “House/Home” is the perfect format for a song about what it’s like to lose your home in the psychological sense. Pedal steel traces the fingers of dawn and dusk that seem to characterize the tone of the song. Connolly sings about how the house doesn’t seem like a home without the people she loves: “This house ain’t home without you, so there’s no reason left to stay.” With those simple words, Connolly articulates a feeling most people have had whether it’s living in a house you shared with a partner after the split up or going back to the family home after the members of your family that lived there have passed on or moved elsewhere and how those places can never be the same without the people in whom you invested your time and emotions, the people who give the idea of home context and meaning. It’s a sense of emotional intimacy and familiarity that you can’t simply buy or easily replace, it is something that must be lived and cultivated imbued with shared experience. Connolly captures the feeling of that loss with subtlety and and the strength of her poetic expression in words and music. Listen to “House/Home” on Soundcloud and follow Connolly at the links provided.


Author: simianthinker

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