“Bucket List” is Carina T’s Subversively Pragmatic Song of Self-Affirmation

Carina T, photo courtesy the artist

Carina T lists all the discouraging messages thrown your way by other people and your own brain throughout “Bucket List.” But part of those narratives is the illusion of infinite choices and why choose any of them when you can pursue something provided for you. But Carina wades through the competing voices with some self-belief and a vision of the life she wants for herself. The music is reminiscent of one of those pop ballads of the 80s or 90s that is part of a montage of a character setting aside distractions and naysayers and getting things done but without malice. She also introduces the idea of how you often need to keep your dreams to yourself to protect them from those who would prefer to see everyone around them striving for the middle, threatened by anything or anyone that stands out, spewing words dismantling fledgling plans and positive impulses as silly or impractical before they get off the ground. On the surface it’s a positivistic, self-affirmation song but its undercurrent is more subversive in acknowledging the existence of legitimate concerns and doubts but putting the defeatist messaging in its proper perspective. As the title of the song suggests, it’s important to have goals but also not to get bogged down by accomplishing them all and certainly not insist they happen in a particular order. Listen to “Bucket List” on Soundcloud and follow Carina T at the links provided.


Author: simianthinker

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