“The Journey” by Emiji is a Doorway Into the Tranquil Places of Your Mind

Emiji “The Journey” cover (cropped)

“The Journey” finds Emiji exploring the concept of travel both physically, emotionally and psychologically through finely modulated dynamics and syncopation. Like several different sounds set to different ways of counting time and measuring distance, layered upon each other the way we are hit with new stimuli as we travel through a landscape or in the imagination. But Emiji leaves room for the space and thus a place for the mind to expand and process rather than simply take in a solid feed of information. In that way it’s a little like the mythological journey in which adventures and stimuli are undertaken and then made sense of in cultural context later on to convey to the tribe. Except that this journey is no epic adventure but rather a doorway into the calm places of the mind where peaceful moments can linger in your mind and go back to when life gets more complicated. Listen to “The Journey” on Soundcloud and follow Emiji at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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