Yune Takes a Deep Journey Within to Peace With Life’s Inherent Uncertainties Through the Polyrhythmic, Psychedelic “Ørkensangen”

Yune “Ørkensangen” cover (cropped)

Yune taps into a rich sonic palette on its single “Ørkensangen.” It sounds like loops of organic sounds IDM style mixed with subtle synth work, dub-like bass and luminous vocals. The name of the song translates to English from Danish as “The Desert Song” and its rhythms informed by Tuareg musical structures so its whole aesthetic has an expansive, dreamlike quality designed to allow the imagination to wander along with its interlinking patterns and outside the strictures of linear Western thought while preserving a sense of the familiar like memories of a dream just out of reach of the conscious mind. Fitting for a song about going within to search for answers when everything seems hopeless and perhaps pointless and coming out with a sense of being at peace with uncertainty about the future. Listen to “Ørkensangen” on Soundcloud, follow the Danish quintet at the links below and look for the debut Yune album in March 2020.

Author: simianthinker

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