Elijah Cushway’s “Katydid” Evokes the Seeming Magic and Dramatic Dissolution of a Relationship Built on Romantic Projections

Elijah Cushway, image courtesy the artist

Elijah Cushway employs an almost ambient, pastoral tone and soundscape on his new single “Katydid.” The opening line “You pass me by like a shooting star” sets the tone for a song about the fanciful projections many of us put into our romantic relationships. How initially the other person may seem like a magical, unobtainable object, almost, with a cosmic and intoxicating allure. Then how the reality of that person inevitably doesn’t live up to the fantasy sets in, even if it’s never fair to enter a relationship on that basis, and the way a bond like that dissolves so quickly. The lines “When I’m sober and I’m not talking shit as much as you are” and “In a moment when I’m not feeling it as much as you are” seem directed at the object of the those formerly romantic feelings but it cuts both ways because the way a lot of relationships in which the people involved overly idealize the other person come crashing down along those lines—someone realizes first, or both people do, that it was never based on reality and neither were the feelings. That rush of feelings was real and valid but some relationships weren’t built to last and certainly not on a solid foundation but culturally we’re wired to often have those expectations even if logically we know it’s not always the case and it’s perfectly fine to enjoy an ephemeral bond while it lasts and spare the bitter feelings when it comes apart. The song captures those moments of early romance and the moment when it breaks so well with its ethereal introspection and its tone of acceptance of the inevitable is what makes it much more interesting than simply another angry break-up song. Listen to “Katydid” on Soundcloud and follow Elijah Cushway at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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