“Death Row” by “Funeral Pop” Duo MXMS is the Portrait of a Colorful Nihilist Antiheroine With Attitude

MXMS, photo courtesy the artist

“Funeral Pop” duo MXMS (aka Me and My Shadow) display a gift for genre bending on its new single “Death Row.” The dark soundscape with samples, vocals delivered with an almost brash attitude, swagger even, is reminiscent of the way that, in another era, Curve or more contemporaneously Sleigh Bells mixed hip-hop and downtempo production with an industrial sound palette. It’s brooding yet upbeat, menacing yet enticing. The character in the song presents a tough stance steeped in bravado with a casual disregard for personal safety. The chorus of “Death row, motherfucker, and I’m wild and free” says it all in this story as the narrator catalogs her nihilistic exploits. The song doesn’t celebrate these adventures so much as provide a character study of a fun character the way an actor relishes playing a complex or at least colorful villain. You can listen to “Death Row” on Soundcloud and follow MXMS at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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