“Hands” by Seatkickr is a Song About Needing Someone Who Will Stand by Us Through Times of Trouble and Not Give Up

Seatkickr, photo courtesy the artist

Sofie Milito as Seatkickr creates the perfect combination of sense memory imagery with a wistful melody and rhythms on her new single “Hands.” What begins as impressionistic thoughts evolves into a yearning and urgently melancholic declaration of what is so missing from our lives and past relationships. Those we wanted to have, those we thought we had, those that didn’t satisfy our deep needs but we wanted them to so desperately even if we couldn’t acknowledge that desperation within our own hearts but we sure felt what was lacking in a tactile if subconscious way. In singing “We just want someone to fight for us,” Milito articulates a need that we don’t often get to put out there that is someone in our lives close to us who isn’t passive about their love and concern for us beyond their immediate needs and consideration for their own comfort. Because sometimes we need someone who will fight for us whether that’s in standing up for us or to us or getting through times of struggle and not just giving up. Listen to “Hands” on Spotify and follow Seatkickr at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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