“A.I.A.” by War You Lost is an Urgently Melodic Indictment of the Misdeeds of American Intelligence Agencies

War You Lost “The Gadget” cover (cropped)

War You Lost takes us on a tour of sounds and ideas across time on its video for “A.I.A.” The aesthetic is like something from the early 60s or mod-70s crossed with something from an Alex Cox film. With lyrics name-checking the alphabet soup of American spy agencies and words about ways these organizations have been used to carry out government repression within and without the country with nods to prominent conspiracy theories and unethical actions undertaken in the name of national interest and sowing fear, instability and misinformation to keep the public in a constant state of background flux making it easier to manipulate. Musically the swirling, edgy melodies are reminiscent of Straightjacket Fits circa Hail and 90s Hoodoo Gurus with a tuneful jangle like a darker R.E.M.. In doing so, War You Lost taps into an 80s sound without going for the obvious touchstones that have informed a broad swath of modern music while not being hemmed in with a specific movement or scene and bringing to it a vitality that makes the single repeatedly listenable. Check out the single and video on YouTube and follow War You Lost on Facebook.


Author: simianthinker

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