LUC’s “Glow” is a Pure Synthesis of Fuzzy Garage Rock and Up-Tempo Electronic Dance Pop

LUC, “Glow” cover (cropped)

LUC’s single “Glow” bursts with a fuzzy, funky synth pulse and soaring, soulful vocals that serve as almost a counterpoint to the grit of distorted processed guitar and bass that carries the main melody. In that way the track is reminiscent of the way Goldfrapp reconciles elements that seem to contrast but in the end compliment one another to give the music great momentum and emotional peaks that border on bombast but come off more like swagger. The mix of the track is fascinating in that it allows for the more granular sounds to shine as well as the ethereal soundscaping and the melodious and acrobatic vocal line. The Los Angeles-based project says the genre “is LA Garagetronic” possibly because its combination of electronic dance pop and garage rock but really it stands out for the super production and adeptness in making disparate elements work together to create something decidedly different than its component parts. Listen to “Glow” on Soundcloud and follow LUC at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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