“Be Home” by Eolian is a Power Pop Ode to Rebuilding Your Place of Belonging Rather Than Just a Space For Living

Since the beginning of the year, Ian O’Dougherty (of Uphollow, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Tauntaun and Fauxgazi among other projects), under his songwriting moniker Eolian, has been writing and releasing a song a week and collecting various tracks into albums. His April 2019 album Home conveys a sense of loss and yearning and rebuilding. The track “Be Home” in particular is an upbeat, Robyn Hitchcock-esque power pop ode to the ability of people to reclaim their personal power by making where they’re living their home and not just a place to put your possessions and sleep every night. Its urgent pace and lightly distorted guitar melody suggest movement and one can almost see the subject of the song putting personal touches on the house or apartment to make it feel like his own place, not the equivalent of a long term hotel. The idea of home can be elusive, amorphous quality for many but a sense many if not most people crave in some capacity—a place of your own to belong, whatever that looks and feels like. It can be taken away from you in various ways including when a relationship ends, one has to move for a job or one is displaced due to rent hikes, made homeless or perhaps worst, through natural disaster or war. O’Dougherty’s song, though, is aimed toward the spirit to put your personal stamp on where you’re staying and the significance of such for your psychological health. Listen to “Be Home” on YouTube and follow Eolian at the links below.


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